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In the UK name and address information is kept on the voters roll. This is easily searchable if you need to find somebody's address  in any part of  the United Kingdom.

The voters roll is compiled for each electoral voting district and has two formats. The full version of the voters roll is made available for a supervised inspection by anybody, by legal right.

An 'edited' version of the voters roll, which does not have those people who have chosen to 'opt-out', can be searched and viewed by anyone for any purpose.

You can use a variety of voters roll search filters which can help you refine your search results, this is useful when searching for common names.

You can ask the search system to only show results for people of a specified age or age range, or people that have a particular job, or a person that is living with John Smith or from a particular part of the country. #votersrollsearch

Searching the Voters Roll is easy & Fast!

Searching the voters roll is easy, fast and a lot of results are also free.  You simply need the person you are searching for first name and surname, if you have a middle initial or idea where they may be living ie a radius of 10 miles from Overstone this will help to reduce the number of search results and enable you to find the person you are searching for easier. 

Voters Roll Searches

192 provide  the UK’s leading voters roll search system. Electoral roll data is available  for  2000 - 2015 and can be searched online very quickly. A mix of free and paid for results are available.

Searching the voters Roll is simple, you can limit the results by search area ie 9 mile radius from Keswick, by age middle initial, occupation etc.

You can even search by address to see who was living there according to the voters roll between certain dates.

192’s voters roll search service is a range of unique databases with information not accessible on other voters roll search sites, meaning you have an increased chance of having a successful search.

They hold edited voters roll data spanning 15 years, and update the search database with 1000’s of new address details everyday.

Voters Roll Searching is easy and fast.

In order to conduct a voters roll search you just need a persons full name, a middle initial is optional. You can do a country wide search or choose a specific area.

You may limit the voters roll search results by years e.g. Only show results from 2015 or by a range of years e.g. Show results from 2000 - 2014 or just 2008, 2004, 2006 and 2012.

The Voters roll search results displayed will show everyone not just voters living at a particular address and give the year of occupancy so you can see if the person found is still likely to be at the address.

It will also display where possible ages, phone numbers and other details like Land registry information.